Driven by a passion for excellence

We believe

Every project matters

To be effective in developing intrigue requires fluid communication with our clients and willingness to explore concepts and ideas.

We Take ownership

Sharing a vision

Confidential Music was built on the idea of crafting evocative scores for motion picture advertising. It is not only about getting our clients what they need, but sharing their vision and realizing it from conception to the screen.

Our Approach

Original Compositions

Writing original content to fit your project.

Live Recording

From full orchestras to featured vocalists we are equipped to bring ideas from the virtual world into reality.

Mixing and Production

Honing the compositions to ensure it carries the intensity and scope of modern trailer music.

Library Searches

Helping clients navigate our existing library to find the perfect piece for their vision.


Cutting existing music to fit time constraints or unique editing styles.

Augmenting Existing Compositions

Taking existing material and adding additional elements or balance to make the piece more effective for motion picture advertisement.

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